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Lovely garage conversion..

So many images, so little time! I recently shot this cute conversion into an annex by Victoria Chilvers from Heirloom home – If only I had one of these at the end of the garden
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Post production..

Oh the joys of editing. It’s not always obvious what lengths photographers go to, in order to achieve that finished image. Take the residential project below. Unfortunately a north facing garden had ravaged the Yorkstone patio with algae. One of the many jobs in post production was to clean the paving. In hindsight, a Karcher [...]
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The blog limps on…

A recent chat with a client revealed how lacking my blog has been. Excuses, excuses – life, work, family (in no particular order). I now have a beautiful 11 month old son, in addition to a house that is almost finished. Building work and babies really do not mix! I’ve also been shooting some fabulous [...]
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Merry Christmas..

Merry Christmas everyone! Another year passes in a flash (excuse the pun)… I’m already looking forward to shooting in Skye and Northumberland, with those unmistakable landscapes…a road trip beckons! Did I mention that I love my job
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Modern cool….

Variety. That’s one of the best aspects of my job. One day I’m shooting a rambling 16th century farmhouse, then a villa in Spain, then a modernist masterpiece. This spectacular design is the creation of Sean Daly from Western Design Architects, in Dorset. The two volumes are connected by huge glass panels, showering the interior [...]
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Beautiful Light…

What a difference 2 hours on a plane makes. I recently shot a fantastic project completed by Katherine Richards Design; they specialise in vibrant interiors with unique sculptures, bespoke furniture and lots of colour. No beige or greige! The light was gorgeous. A far cry from the monochrome skies of the UK!
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Spring’s here..

Yesterday I cranked over the engine in my trusty 70s camper – more than a few times! Eventually, after a splutter or two, she started. That final splutter is a sure sign that Spring is here: the camper (aka Lilly) is my mode of transport/home when travelling the UK shooting interiors – Devon next week [...]
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Commercial work…

Alongside editorial and interiors I’ve been shooting lots of commercial buildings for clients such as CBRE, Jones Lang Lasalle, Stanhope…. Here’s a small sample of cool London architecture…
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Time flies when you’re having fun….

Talk about busy. I’m afraid that despite the best intentions, my foray into blogging has been far from the weekly or even monthly affair that I originally envisaged. Have I been a man of leisure, kicking back all these months? I’m afraid not! I’ve been working with some fabulous clients, shooting super cool homes for [...]
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The ultimate scouting camera..

Like women and shoes, photographers can never have too many cameras… Micro four thirds, 35mm, medium format, large format – just some of the kit that I get to use on a regular basis.. So, when I need a camera that just about fits into my pocket, I take the Panasonic GF-1. I love this [...]
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