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Time flies when you’re having fun….

Talk about busy. I’m afraid that despite the best intentions, my foray into blogging has been far from the weekly or even monthly affair that I originally envisaged. Have I been a man of leisure, kicking back all these months? I’m afraid not! I’ve been working with some fabulous clients, shooting super cool homes for [...]
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The ultimate scouting camera..

Like women and shoes, photographers can never have too many cameras… Micro four thirds, 35mm, medium format, large format – just some of the kit that I get to use on a regular basis.. So, when I need a camera that just about fits into my pocket, I take the Panasonic GF-1. I love this [...]
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Merry Christmas…

I’ve had a great year, visiting fantastic locations and working with brilliant people….standing in a skip wasn’t my finest hour but thanks to Reinhard from 3s for this one! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and fab New Year!
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Cover – Self Build and Design magazine

This month I happened to spot the cover of Self Build and Design magazine – they featured a thatched roofed house in the New Forest that I shot earlier in the year. A good read and a fantastic house.
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I love Wallpaper. A bit of everything cool in design. I came across this article on the Artist’s House by Gumuchdjian Architects, taken in September. Take a look and if you have the money, employ these architects!
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Artists’ Houses

Don’t you just love them? The holy grail of interior photography is shooting houses that just work; and artists’ houses always have the right balance, I find. I recently visited Gumuchdjian Architects’ project that won the 2010 RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize. It’s a fantastic remodelling of a 1950s house. The architecture is awesome: a concrete [...]
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Open House

Well it’s that time of year again, Open House or Open City as it’s now known, opens this weekend in London. For those unfamiliar with the event, over 700 locations across the capital are opened to the public – a great way of discussing architecture, design, planning etc and of course having a nose at [...]
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Printer woes….

Oh the joys of technology. First it was the transition to digital photography. We had to learn about megapixels, pixel pitch, bayer arrays, moire, noise, colour management, profiling, RIP systems, unsharp mask….the list goes on and on. No more dropping velvia off at the lab and grabbing a pint; nowadays the professional photographer has his [...]
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Commercial interiors…

Oops. I’ve not really got the hang of this blog. That’s called being busy I suppose! I’ve been shooting lots of commercial interiors recently, for CBRE and Bandstand London. Some very exciting stuff! Ok, if you’re into buildings…..I personally love the variety, one minute in Gucci’s headquarters then next shooting the offices of hedge funds…or [...]
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The net…

What I love about the net is that you never know where your work might appear. That can also be annoying as a photographer. However, when you find that others have enjoyed your work, it comes as a pleasant surprise. Today I stumbled across the site and found that design fans had been poring [...]
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