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In the 7 years I’ve been an interior photographer, I’ve covered a lot of ground in London. My main focus has been residential interiors but I’ve also shot lots of commercial interiors. With such a library of images, it’s fascinating to follow the development of design: from neutral palates to bold patterns, from minimalism to cool clutter, from modern to retro, from oak to walnut, from limestone to marble.  The modernist glass box is now the thing to have. The garden shed has made way for the ‘garden room’. And the home became an ‘investment vehicle’.

Some interiors stand alone. They don’t get too carried away with trends; they are proactive rather than reactive. They express the individuality of their owners and their confidence to follow their own ideas. These are the holy grail of interiors. It is with these spaces in mind that London: Inside was born; to reveal London interiors that inspire others to create rather than copy; to develop rather than follow. The end result will be an exhibition of images that empowers and invites individualism. If you have a space that is as individual as you are, I’d love to hear from you!

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New Site…

At last, the new site is live.

The difficulty can be choosing favourites.

I’m drawn to contemporary architecture but often you can’t beat a shabby London townhouse interior or a country house with that kind of aged charm that makes you just want to sit and relax. I recently visited the home of interior architect Louisa Tubman. Her home oozes cool clutter, modern design and pays homage to its Victorian roots. I can’t wait to shoot it. Here are a few images from her last house…

This month I also visited a fantastic Oak framed contemporary home, the work of Western Design Architects. It was stunning: a triple height entrance hall, Bulthaup kitchen, cinema room and the latest from B+W. Have a peek…

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Here we go….

After a hectic few weeks of shooting, editing and scouting, I’ve finally made my first post! Been to some cool places yet again. Lots of inspiration from London Architects 3s ( who were responsible for a refurb on a house in Twickenham that I shot in this month’s Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms ( With the weather finally improving I’m looking forward to shooting some fab seafront homes for Architectural Digest and commercial architecture for the property firm, CBRE. Of course, if I can get the camper van (yet to be named) up and running, it’ll make waiting for the right conditions all the more palatable with a warm drink and a comfy seat! Ok, it is a 70s VW so it’s not that comfy. But cool. I love this 70s sales picture….

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